Herbaltone - Trusted Honeysuckle Extract Supplier in China
Shandong Herbaltone Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is headquartered within the Yunhe Economic Development Zone of Jining City in Shandong Province. The company operates on a 40-acre site, which includes 29,400 square meters of building space. All of our warehousese, factories, and labs are built to GMP standards.

Using biological engineering technology and natural product extraction techniques, we specialize in the research and development, production and sales of honeysuckle extract.

Herbaltone enjoys a prime geographical advantage, as the company is close to Yimeng Shan - the major honeysuckle production area in China. Herbaltone honeysuckle extracts are crafted from honeysuckles grown in the 2471-acre farmland of Yimeng Shan. From honeysuckle cultivation, farmland management, and pest control, to the drying, transport, and storage of the end product, we do everything ourselves and in strict accordance with GAP standards so customers can be confident in the premium quality of our raw materials.

We have optimized our quality management system and continue to improve. Each process, from our raw material cultivation to production and inspection, and finally to storage and transit, is carried out with careful quality checks.

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